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Glyne Greenidge DVM, CLS, MLT

Dr. Glyne K. Greenidge is the new medical director at Hudspeth Animal Hospital. He grew up caring for a variety of species of animals; in fact, some of his first memories as a child involved caring for animals. His passion for animals and interest in veterinary medicine existed from a tender age. He focused on the sciences and worked hard to achieve his goal of becoming a veterinarian.

He first completed a Bachelor of Science degree in medical technology becoming a clinical laboratory scientist and medical laboratory technologist. This gave him the opportunity to work with humans. Working in human medicine strengthened his belief in the one health initiative. He believes the health of humans affects the health of animals and vice versa, therefore it is imperative that quality health care is provided to all. He earned his doctorate in Veterinary medicine from St. George’s university in 2012 after completing a clinical year at the University of Georgia. He is a member of the only honor society of veterinary medicine in the United States, Phi Zeta.

He is dedicated to ensuring Hudspeth Animal Hospital will provide the best quality pet care to every pet that comes through our doors. Hudspeth Animal Hospital has acquired state-of-the-art equipment and will continue to provide the equipment and staff necessary to provide the best health-care for your pets. We are dedicated to serving Macon, surrounding areas, and Veterinary medical in general. We are your animal hospital.

Glyne Greenidge DVM, MLT, CLS
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Medical Laboratory technologist
Clinical Laboratory Scientist

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